Creating you own personal spa at home

A warm, stone like wall covering is the perfect addition to your seamless flooring. This is the reason we added this great seamless wall product to our portfolio almost ten years ago. Since then we’ve been working on improving our product specifications in collaboration with a small family owned company from the north of Italy. We offer a product that is fully water resistant, durable and flexible so our clients can enjoy the most of our product for as long as possible. We are stoked to show you what it looks and feels like, why not get in touch with us today and experience this great product in one of our stores!

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Say no to tiles

Where tiles were once the only option, now seamless walls from Senso make a fantastic alternative for your bathroom, kitchen or shower.

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Artisan, made by hand
from quartz composites

A Senso decorative plaster wall is made from quartz composites and water based polymers. Its extreme water resistance make it the perfect alternative to tiles. Because of its flexibility it works naturally in showers, kitchens and even around your fireplace, providing truly seamless finish.

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