Creating your own personal spa at home

A warm, stone-like wall covering is the perfect addition to your Senso flooring. The two go so well together that this incredible seamless wall product has been a staple in our portfolio for almost ten years.

Since then, we’ve been working on improving our product specifications in collaboration with a small, family-owned company from northern Italy. Our wall coverings are fully water resistant, durable and flexible so our clients can enjoy the most of their purchase for as long as possible. We are itching to show you the luxurious look and feel of our seamless walls, so get in touch today and experience our amazing products in one of our stores.

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Say no to tiles

Tiles were once the only option when it came to bathroom walls. Now, Senso’s seamless walls make a fantastic and striking alternative for your bathroom, kitchen or shower. Our wall coverings are completely impervious and resistant to limescale and mould, making them ideal for use in bathrooms, wet rooms, spas, kitchens, and even restaurants.

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Artisan, made by hand
from quartz composites

A Senso decorative plaster wall is made from quartz composites and water-based polymers. This gives the material extremely water resistant properties, making it the perfect alternative to tiles. Its flexibility works incredibly in showers, kitchens and even around a fireplace, providing a truly seamless, enviable finish.

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The best way to experience Senso is to come and visit one of our showrooms. You will find our inspirational galleries throughout Europe and we’d be happy to help you choose the perfect finish for your space

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Wonderfully easy to maintain

Crushed stone is mixed with binding agents to make the material we use hard yet flexible. This provides a seamless, smooth surface that is wonderfully easy to keep clean.

Reaplacing bathroom walls

Your bathroom is covered in tiles, but you’re ready for something new. Replace the old ceramics with seamless walls by Senso. They’re perfectly suitable for all sanitized areas such as bathrooms, toilets and kitchens. You can even take it a step further and create a splendid ensemble with a jointless poured floor.

Why Choose seamless walls?

There’s nothing wrong with tiles, per se, but we at Senso believe our environmentally friendly products are a game changer in the bathroom décor world. Our completely joint-free seamless walls are so much more than tiles. Hate cleaning your bathroom? Our wall coverings are entirely waterproof and resistant to limescale and mould. The amazing artisanal design, installed by hand by one of our experts, resembles a solid, single piece of rock. This rugged allure will make your space feel so much larger, and result in serious envy from the neighbours.