"Simple can be harder than complex.

You have to work hard to get your thinking clean and make it simple."

- Steve Jobs -

Great flooring, original flooring - Senso Flooring

Going beyond the already known

We can use already existing products and build on existing techniques. But we want something good, to offer something that's better. So that you know you've really got something good. Our Senso Floor and Wall finishes are developed with natural products. That's better for the environment and better for you. Because our products are ecological and free of solvents. This allowed us to gain the international Ecospecifier certificate and our products make excellent contribution towards BREEAM and LEED assesments.

Fire resistant flooring - Senso Flooring


Safety first. 

We find safety important as well. Therefore a Senso floor is not only clean and strong, it also meets fire regulations, as proven by the TuV. A Senso floor is classified as difficult to ignite and no toxic gases will be released in normal use. Safe for you and your children. 

Healthy air inside

Strangely enough, there is a lot of talk about air quality outside, despite indoor air quality often being up to five times worse. This is due to the excessive insulation, poor ventilation and the products we get in our house. Greenhouse gases and VOCs produced by construction methods and materials can be excessive. Our Senso floor and wall finishes are completely free of these harmful substances and proven to be health-promoting. Tested by the German authority AgBB and therefore certified by the most rubust test regime.

Free from VOCs - Senso Flooring


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