Senso Flooring Unites all spaces

Because a Senso Floor can be applied entirely seamlessly, all spaces unite. It is a floor to live, cook and eat on. A floor that connects spaces with the intention of connecting people. 


Watertight Flooring and Walls

It's even possible to shower on a Senso Floor. Think about a bathroom suite made entirely out of one piece. Beautifull!

Pure and clean

Not only is the Senso floor itself is clean (we are approved by the German Governmental body AgBB on all our floors) we think it is important that our products are easy to clean as well. Because of the water resistant surface, a Senso Floor and Wall finish is very easy to maintain. Just wipe it and you're done. 

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Sleep well

Because a Senso Floor feels good under bare feet, it is an excellent floor for your bedroom as well.

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We can withstand a lot!

For sporty people a Senso Floor is a great choise as well. Because of its subdued characteristics a Senso floor is suitable for aerobics, fittness spaces and gyms that use dumbells and heavy weights.

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