• Resin floor New York

    Seamless resin floor

    For exceptional interiors

    Resin floor New York
SENSO Resin floor New York

Unite your interior

With a warm, seamless Senso resin floor. Right in your New York apartment. We deliver exceptional quality. Soft to the touch, great with bare feet.

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SENSO Resin floor New York

High-end, seamless

We believe in products that allow you to create a united interior. Senso resin floors and walls from natural materials can therefore be used in all areas, whether it is for work, play, living or dining.

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We are natural, naturally

Ecological resin floors

At Senso we believe in the highest standards, also with regards to our environment. We therefore use as much natural and renewable materials as possible. Our resin floors are based on plant-derived natural oils.

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SENSO Resin floor New York

Warm, convenient, great with kids

A Senso resin floor is great for families with kids. The floor is soft to walk on, elastic, warm to the touch. Easy to clean as well, as it is waterproof.

We have extensive experience in New York

We are a European high-quality resin floor company, and specialize in high-end interiors. We have amazing references. In New York, and elsewhere. Please contact us for more information. We are looking forward to helping you.

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Contact us for a quote. It might positively surprise you. We'd love to help you.

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SENSO Resin floor New York


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