Naturally sourced ingredients

Today, Sensofloors and Walls lead the way in innovation and sustainability. Simply because they are produced from natural ingredients and actually contribute to a healthier living environment.


Our honest story about sustainability

When choosing Senso, we would like you to be one hundred percent satisfied so that you can enjoy your Senso product to the fullest. Aside from the design, its comfort and its quality, we would also like to tell you a bit more about how we look at sustainability and, in conjunction with this, how we make use of our planet.

Ultimately, we cannot deny that producing our floors and walls does have an impact on our environment, an impact however, that we strive to keep as small as possible. That is why we are always searching for new ways to find the right balance between design, comfort, quality and sustainability.


It all checks out

As much as we like a good story. Every story has to find its foundations on solid data. That is why we always put our products through extensive scrutiny. Third party research provides us with relevant feedback and our clients with the reassurance our product is really as good as advertised. And that is our promise to you. An amazingly good product.


Every company that wants to make a product, needs resources. We are no different, and with that we take our first step on the road to a more durable and sustainable production. The choices we make are underpinned by the things that drive us, motivate us and what we believe is important. This has not changed from the day we founded this company.

We want to make products that unite spaces and people, will last a lifetime and have as little impact on our environment as possible. Sustainable production starts with finding and growing resources that are renewable and transporting them in the most energy-efficient way possible. The next step is making these building blocks suitable for use in our final products. Throughout this whole chain of activities we always keep the environment in mind when choosing what and where we source our raw materials. We also think about what to do with the product after it’s no longer usable by analysing the complete lifecycle. By mapping this fully and honestly, we can learn more about the impact of our chain of activities on our environment and start to work on improving every aspect.



Over 65% of our product is made from plant-oil. This may be a bit more expensive, but it is fully free of harmful side effects and substances. This oil is sourced from a plant with the abilities to grow with little water. In fact, only requires a small amount of water once a month and with this can grow up to three meters in height annually. It bears a fruit which is extremely rich in oil. The fruit is pressed, much like an olive and the oil from this single pressing is transported to our factory without any processing  . This is how we treat the planet and the people inhabiting it kindly.



Is the house, hotel or office being given a new purpose? No problem: our Senso floors can be fully recycled. We cut the Senso floor into strips and remove the entire floor from the subfloor. Then we grind the removed finish into very small particles. We do this using a microniser. We use the fine particles of floor that remain in our filler instead of quartz. This is good for the environment: quartz is a mineral that has to be mined before we can use it, by recycling our floors we can skip that process. The circle is complete: the old floor is given a second life. This way, we reduce waste and reduce the burden on our environment even more.