Spectacular villa

Energy-neutral, environmentally ambitious

seamless flooring

Self-sufficiency was the ambitious starting point. Entirely energy-neutral, with a.o. its own energy windmill. 

resin floor residential

Villa Kogelhof according to Wallpaper*: ‘An unapologetic, sharp-angled streak across the landscape, this villa by Dutch architect Paul de Ruiter is perfectly at one with the flatlands of The Netherlands’

resin floor miami

Interior design

The owner expressed a wish to combine simplicity and abstraction with a spectacular form. The result is a composition of two seperate perpendicular volumes. One largely subterranean, one floating

resin floors miami


The residents chose a contemporary design with Italian classics from B & B Italia and Maxalto. The robust fabric on the sofa, the carpet and beautiful use of beautiful materials create a contemporary whole.


From the kitchen there is a beautiful view of the IJ. Cruise ships, container ships and yachts sail past you see. It gives a wonderful thing to be able to see dynamics. "For me this is the most perfect place in the city."


resin floor new york


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