Castle in France

Famous art collector gets inspired

Resin floor classic interior
Resin floor classic interior 2


Seamless floor

Not a single seam in this floor. Throughout the entire house, this floor is made in one piece. Can you believe it? Thanks to Senso's patented Freeze technology, we are able to translate ANY design seamlessly into the floor.


Seamless Senso Freeze resin flooring

Modern meets classic

Ultra modern flooring with a classical touch. The latest technology in a 17th century castle. With interior situations like this, we get totally excited. We thrive when we are asked to translate technology into design.

SENSO Freeze resin technology

Jurgen Bey

When designer Jurgen Bey came to us with his interior ideas for this art collector we were thrilled. Even though the design he made was so detailed that even we were faced with huge challenges turning his vision into reality.

Senso Freeze resin floor
Seamless Senso Freeze resin floors


Contemporary and traditional


The family specifically wanted to combine traditional elements with a contemporary design. No skirting boards, high ceilings and glass pivoting doors with designer classics make for a beatiful interior.

Resin floor for art

Floor emphasizes art


With Freeze the floor is an important part of the interior design. But with the floor seen on the left, the exact opposite can be achieved. The floor in this room was meant to fall back and let the art, furniture and accessories take the limelight.

Senso Freeze resin floors

Challenge us!

We get you unlimited freedom

With Senso Freeze we provide unlimited freedom to you as a designer. The technology integrates complex printing techniques with a crystal clear seamlessly resin floor. Being able to fully integrate the resin floor in the overall design of a space creates a strong message, enabling the interior to become more than just walls and floors.


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