Mansion House

Conscious selection of only beautiful and durable materials

built to last when buildiong a house many choices have to be


Built to last

When buildiong a house many choices have to be made. The kind of building materials for one. Chosing durable materials will ensure low maintenance and the feel of quality throughout the house.

think united sensofloors and walls were used to connect bedr


Think united

Sensofloors and walls were used to connect bedrooms, hallway and bathrooms. All without any seams or obstructions. Creating unity brings ease and tranquillity.

contemporary and traditional the family specifically wanted


Contemporary and traditional


The family specifically wanted to combine traditional elements with a contemporary design. High skirting boards of lacquared mdf, high ceilings and glass pivoting doors with designer classics from Eames make for a beatiful interior.

easy maintenance the senso wall covering was used as an alte

Easy maintenance


The Senso Wall Covering was used as an alternative to tiling for the kitchen wall. With a family of zeven, easiness to clean was a very important reason for choosing Senso.


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