Luxury apartement in Amsterdam

For an actrice and movie director

actrice caroline spoor and her husband jon karthaus did spen

Actrice Caroline Spoor and her husband, Jon Karthaus, did spend quite a lot of time refurbishing their amsterdam apartment. The entire space was demolished before it could be rebuilt to meet their personal wishes. 

bohemian chique the result is tasteful as it is beautiful th


Bohemian chique

The result is tasteful as it is beautiful. The warm fabrics, colours and materials make for a wonderful inimate atmosphere. Stylish fotography complete the design. Especially the combination of soft and solid materials help to create depth and a rich look and feel.

combination of materials you will find a very nice combinati

Combination of materials

You will find a very nice combination of materials Steel and glass interchange with wood, thick wallpaper and soft fabrics and rugs. The combination above all, make for an exciting interior. The colours are chosen in modesty, warm natural shades with an occasional light accent.

The right implementation of lighting brings life to the entire space. It is something that is often forgotten but ensures brightness en brings energy to any room.


fusion innerwood that is the colourchoise of john and caroli



Fusion Innerwood

That is the colourchoise of John and Caroline. A beautiful fusion of two colours in a lightgreen shade. This tone is somewhat more difficult to combine but gives a very nice and natural appearance. When other items of interior are adjusted to this greenish shade it provides a really natural feel to the interior.

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