Senso and Marcel Wanders

Exposition in Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

SENSO gietvloeren Marcel Wanders

The Dutch Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam opens coming year an exposition about 25 years Marcel Wanders. The designer's most important works are expositioned. His world famous Knotted Chair, Eye Shadow for Cappellini and Impressions for Senso are part of this exposition.

SENSO resin floors Marcel Wanders

In 2011 Senso developed with Marcel Wanders 'Impressions', a seamless floor with a trompe l'oeuil effect: a feel of 3D in a flat surface. It became a highly successful flooring product for top-end customers particularly in the USA and Asia.

Senso Impressions Marcel Wanders

Seamless 3D-effect

The 'Impressions' flooring collection just pops right out at you. That has very much to do with the three-dimensional design, of course. Creating an interesting optical illusion, it would create quite the focal point in a room.

Brought to you by Senso and designed by Marcel Wanders, the 'Impressions' flooring collection offers a seamless resin made possible by Freeze technology. Although absolutely modern, it also houses an element of ornateness that speaks to the past.

Acclaim in New York Times

The New York Times said: Dutch design legend, Marcel Wanders,  has collaborated with Senso on a new line of flooring Called “Impressions”. ‘It’s more about the texture than the color,’ says Wanders. ‘Some of them look almost edible, like chocolate.’. That said, the colors are bright and the effect of three-dimensionality rather impressive. Senso, the firm behind the flooring, is a leader in advanced resins flooring.

wanders senso really good in technical innovations according

Wanders: "Senso really good in technical innovations"

According to Wanders, “When Senso came to me a few years ago to think about their new possibilities for Freeze technology, I did not hesitate. I know Senso well. The company is really good in technical innovations."

public spaces and large houses that is where impressions fin

Public spaces and large houses

That is where Impressions finds its uses. A modern Impression of a bygone era. A modern Classic for beautiful interiors.

marcel wanders and team selene tunesi posing on work in prog

Marcel Wanders and team Selene Tunesi. Posing on work in progress.

front page picture for sprout magazine senso owners david an

Front page picture for Sprout Magazine

Senso owners David and Daniel posing for a front page picture for Dutch business magazine Sprout. For the crazy ones...!


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