about senso like a thousand raindrops powerful as an ocean t


      About Senso

"Like a thousand raindrops, powerful as an ocean"

                THINK UNITED.


                 - David Bols -

 "I count myself lucky to be able to do what I like everyday, with a lot of passion."

I believe every person has a passion, something that can wake you in the middle of the night. Something so challenging and fun to do that it gives you loads of energy. Setting something up takes a lot of time and even more energy, therefore it is important to do something you really enjoy. 

          Think United

Think United is about much more than just our products. It's about the belief that a company is formed because of the people who work there. When you are able to share both successes and setbacks, this will create a certain energy that unites everything. 

And that uniting factor, that possibility to unite people as well as space, that's our drive.

Believe in something

The rest will follow

Believing in something makes you authentic. People then know what you stand for. The products we supply are more than just products. We as Senso strongly believe in the combination of interior, environment, safety and design. It lead to our development from the year 2000 starting in just a small room in the attic to 2013 where Senso is a company with seven showrooms in three countries.

Many awards

In 2009 we are awarded for being one of the fastest growing companies in The Netherlands. In 2011 one of the most talented. In 2012 one of the most succesful companies. And we hope to be able to do a lot of good things in the future. 


How we see the future

We want to develop. Our products, our vision. We want to do the best projects, small and large. Inspire people and make them happy with beautiful floors and walls. Where they can enjoy living, working, sleeping and eating. Together, one and all.



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